Dr Cartia Donazzan

Young Clinican’s Segment

Powerful Lessons from Patient Perspectives

  • Dr Cartia Donazzan
  • Oral Surgery Registrar
  • Bachelor of Oral Health, Bachelor of Dental Science, Graduate Diploma of Clinical Dentistry (Surgical Dentistry)

Powerful Lessons from Patient Perspectives

Patient perceptions can shape the patient-provider relationship and influence treatment acceptance and outcomes. But what actually affects our patients opinions of us and our treatments?

Do patients really appreciate you staying back to get them out of pain? Does it matter if your preferred specialist is an hour away, or will the patient just see another clinic?

Navigating the labyrinth of patient opinions, Dr Donazzan’s research has provided clarity on what affects our patient’s opinions of our clinics, and will assist you in efficient ways of discovering your own patients views.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To understand the different types of patient perspective surveys
  • How to implement and understand patient reported outcomes