Dr Soo-Wee Ong

Weightlifter, Administrator, Oral Surgeon
Keynote Speaker

Digging yourself out of trouble

  • Dr Soo-Wee Ong
  • Specialist Oral Surgeon
  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Post-Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry (Oral Surgery), Doctor of Clinical Dentistry (Oral Surgery)

Digging Yourself out of Trouble

Oral surgery, especially exodontia, can often evoke stressful emotions. This is especially true if you have been “stung” before, isolated in a rural setting, or a sole practitioner. Not to mention all the additional stresses such as time, and the next waiting patient.

Before becoming a specialist, Dr Ong spent time in rural areas and knows the challenges that can arise for city and rural dentists alike when surgery does not go to plan. In this lecture, Dr Ong will guide you through what he has learnt over the years to bail yourself out of trouble and ensure optimal outcomes for your patients.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn to plan your extractions
  • How to properly assess its difficulty
  • How to increase surgical confidence