Dr Thao Truong

Young Clinican’s Segment

Socket Shield – Implant Panacea?

  • Dr Thao Truong
  • Oral Surgery Registrar
  • Bachelor of Medical Science (1st Class), Bachelor of Dentistry (Honours), Graduate Diploma of Clinical Dentistry (Surgical Dentistry)

Socket Shield – Implant Panacea?

Socket Shield has been a topic of publications and presentations as the solution to anterior implant concerns.

But is this really the solution to all your woes?

Explore unconventional perspectives and dare to challenge the status quo, as Dr Truong ignites a spark of innovation and redefines the boundaries for the socket shield technique.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the concept of socket shield in implant dentistry and its application
  • Evaluate the current evidence for the socket shield procedure