Dr Ying Shi Chang

Specialist Oral Surgeon

Prolia for the General Dentist

  • Dr Ying Shi Chang
  • Specialist Oral Surgeon
  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Graduate Diploma of Clinical Dentistry (Surgical Dentistry), Doctor of Clinical Dentistry (Oral Surgery), Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (Higher Education), MRACDS, FHEA

Prolia for the General Dentist

BRONJ has plagued dentists since the first case was reported.

With Prolia, thankfully, the problem of BRONJ from bisphosphonates was eliminated.

Or so we thought. Now MRONJ, Prolia has proven to be potentially more troublesome than the bisphosphonates its market share has replaced.

In this seminar, Dr Chang will provide an overview of the current state of Prolia in the role of MRONJ. When is it safe to treat, and when you may be best referring, will be pragmatically answered so that you can be more confident with these patients tomorrow.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand risk factors for development of MRONJ
  • Understand what is the most appropriate management for each patient